Night’s Snake

Just as I bent down to the dusty earth I saw you, coiled behind the vines. Your hot red tongue, split in two, darted quickly out of your mouth and waved as a long hiss-s-s sounded out from low in your belly. Your eyes pierced yellow through the evening haze. I felt my own heat up in the seconds I crouched staring at you, paralyzed in fear and taking stock of any potential escape. Slowly, like rolling jelly you moved forward, making shapes with your body before you curled up beside me, enjoying the taunt. Hot urine flooded my shorts and streamed down my leg, arousing your instincts. My skin mirrored the sickening green of your husk as your mouth opened slightly to reveal two hungry, wicked teeth. I had heard of you. I had nightmares of you and I had prepared for you. It all meant nothing as you stood tall on your body as your head swayed heavily back and forth before settling on its mark. Your face, slick with desire, loomed above mine. In one quick instant I felt all the force within your being as you wrapped the length of yourself around me and around me. Time split and you locked your jaws around my neck; like the hottest knife into the thickest butter your teeth sank deep into my flesh. Your left eye was near my chin and I caught it, wild and wide, as the life that was draining from me was flowing like lava down your throat. I could tell by the way you held tight to my body as each bone fractured, grinding me to dust, that you had been stalking me for months. Your forked tongue darted at my overflowing wound rapidly and greedily as my heart spasmed, spurting what blood was left, and the flickering light in my head went black.   

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